Celebrate Your Occasion With Us

Our menu is made up of Indian gourmet food that is sold at affordable fair prices. The meals are prepared by passionate chefs who are professionally trained in Indian cuisine. Our menu is well tailored to ensure there is something for everyone, whether you are trying Indian cuisine for the first time or you simply enjoy rich Indian food. We serve food that is diverse to accommodate a wide variety of tastes and preferences by our customers. Our food is prepared using the best ingredients available as well as the best cuts of meat and vegetables that you can find. Our chefs prepare meals from scratch in traditional Indian fashion to give you the best experience that money can buy. The menu ranges from different curries, seafood entrees, chicken and lamb, Indian pastries among others.

At our restaurant you also get to enjoy the best service from our well trained staff. We are an Indian restaurant that prides itself in professional and courteous service that pays attention to every detail of your dining needs. It is the best place to enjoy Indian gourmet in an easy and luxurious way that leaves you feeling surreal. Our catering staff is all professionally trained in Indian dining to keep it fun and simple for all our guests including those trying Indian cuisine for the very first time.

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The venue of our restaurant makes for a great location for memorable events such as birthday parties and anniversary celebrations. We ensure to make your event, birthday party or anniversary memorable by creating a tailor made menu and providing a place of charm for you and your guests. We keep your celebration extra special by creating it exactly how you envisioned with no compromise to quality whatsoever. You get to tailor your own menu to give your guests the best experience while at our restaurant.

Feel like you are in a hurry? Do not be left out. We deliver our great meals absolutely free, right at your doorstep and in no time. We offer you a chance to enjoy the best Indian gourmet cuisine from the comfort of wherever you are whether at home or at the office. It is easy and is delivered on time as promised.

Feel free to come dine with us as you get a true taste of Indian food that you can pick from our diverse menu, in a sensational place that looks to give you the best in all things Indian gourmet. Our commitment to great food and memorable experiences will satisfy all your dining, catering as well as take out needs and leave you satisfied.